What is the cost of your billing service?
The competitive billing rate is based upon a percentage of collections and may vary with discounts for high payment volume. We are motivated to collect all that you are entitled to under insurance contracts and CPT guidelines.

Are claims sent electronically?
Claims are submitted electronically using the Office Ally clearinghouse. Claim rejections are immediately researched and resolved.

Where do our account payments go?
Payments remain within your practice for security. Only the insurance explanation of benefits and copy of patient payments are reported to Accucode for account posting.

How do we communicate?
The mechanism for getting charges and payment information to our company is varied depending upon the client. Most EMR’s will create a charge ticket based upon the physician documentation. A password and login for Accucode will allow us to gather charges directly from your records without any effort on your part. For clients without this feature, paper charge tickets may be faxed, emailed (with encryption), mailed or physically picked up by an Accucode courier, if you are local.

Do you provide staff and provider training or consulting?
Collection tips and scripts to improve office collections, sample chart audits for providers, feedback on coding guidelines, consulting services, and introduction to ICD.10 coding changes are all part of our service at no extra charge.

How long does it take to get paid?
Our office goal is to collect all balances in under 30 days and prevent accounts aging past 90 days. Our focus on this has resulted in an average of 8% of our total aging over 90 days for the past year.

How do we know what patients owe?
The most effective method is to update EMR’s with the visit copay information and collect this at the time of service. Regular patient reports from our Centricity practice management system are sent as requested. Appointment schedules can be updated with current patient balance and copay amounts due daily. Direct access to our billing system is available at an extra cost.

What are the security measures?
Accucode computer systems are only accessible through virtual private networks. Our servers are equipped with internal backups and also hard drive backups, which are removed from the site daily. Our building is alarmed with limited password access.

Please feel free to call for more information, schedule a meeting or drop by our location. (530) 898-1205